Drifting (2020)

Our second short film will be released in 2020. It stars Paul Mescal (Normal People), Dafhyd Flynn (Michael Inside), Lorcan Cranitch (The Dig), Simone Collins (The Great Gatsby) and Jarlath Tivnan (Decadent Theatre Company).

Cian and Pat have been joined at the hip since they were kids and have the run of their small town in the midlands. Cian is content to coast through a life of booze and casual hook-ups while Pat has grown weary of his surroundings.


Angles Guard Thee (2018)

Harp Media’s debut short film ‘Angels Guard Thee’ was completed in 2018. It received support from Longford Arts Council. Starring Brian Fortune (Game of Thrones) and John Quinn (Taken Down), the film has screened at festivals worldwide including Cork Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival, Richard Harris International Film Festival, Dublin International Short Film Festival, Southampton Film Festival and many more. It will be broadcast on RTÉ in December 2019.